Previous and Current Works

Aryist/Pencils: Danick and The Dragon – Eleventh Hour #2 / Eleventh Hour Collector’s Edition / Eleventh Hour Vol.1

Artist/Pencils/Inks: Danick and The Gelatinous Cube for The Return of The Son of Eleventh Hour (10 Year Anniversary Edition) 2017

Artist/Full colour: Valhalla – Hall of Heroes FTL #3 / FTL Year 1 TPB

Artist/Pencils/inks & concept art: The Intergalactic Adventures of Slam Ridley

Concept Art: Alpha Gods

Previous/current work for other publishers;

Writer/ Artist full color: The Adventures of Dolphin Man (Hawk Books)

Co-writer/Artist: Mabinogion – Dawn Of The Gods ( Black Tower )

Artist: Strike Team – (Aliens Dropship)

Artist: The Case book of Darkness. (Mondo Comics)

Writer/Artist: The Adventures of Captain Kevv – Space Pirate! (Mondo Comics)

Writer/Artist: Uncle Fausty’s Tales For the Twisted Mind (Mondo Comics)

Artist: The First Step – Short Stack Anthology #1 (Angry Gnome Comics)

Guest Cover Artist: Dexter’s Half Dozen #4 (Bearded Skull Comics)

Artist: And He Did – Survival Stories Vol.1 (The Sleepless Phoenix) 2010

Artist: Senior Citizen – Survival Stories Vol.1 (The Sleepless Phoenix) 2010

Artist: And He Did (Re-Printed) overload Anthology (The Copydesk) 2011

Writer/Artist/Letters: The Valley of Gwadni – 10thology Vol.1 (Fatboy Comics) 2011

Artist: Resurrection Shop – Zombies 2 Anthology (Accent UK) 2011

Artist: The Lang Pack – Into The Woods
Anthology (2011)

Artist: Mother, Earth. Metaverse Anthology (2014)

Creator Owned Original Graphic Novel Series Published byAAM/Markosia (Extreme Imprint)

Writer/Artist: Unbelievable – The Man Who Ate Daffodils. (Vol.1) (OGN) Oct 2011

Writer/Artist: Unbelievable – The Lord Of Winter (Vol.2) (OGN) coming 2018

Writer/Artist: Unbelievable – The Wild Hunt (Vol.3) (OGN) coming 2018

Future Projects in the works:

Artist: Phantom Lung & The Garden of Dead Liars. (AAM/Markosia)

Artist/Co-Plotter: The Strange Case Of Agent Watson.

Artist/Writer: Prime 8 (Creator Owned)

Artist/Writer: Escape Agents (Creator Owned)

Artist/Writer: ‘A Howl Was Heard’ & ‘See No Evil’ – Out Of The Shadows Anthology